Vegetable Soup

The most frightening kid's show of the 70's! They used to play this for us in my grade school in the library. I would buy Vegetable Soup on DVD in a heart beat!

Willie Tyler & Lester

The Opening

Nightmare Memories!

Outerscope 1 (Another Nightmare!)

Afro American Slang 101


Anonymous said...

Jesus H Christ! I remember this show like a cold sweat nightmare!! I am singing the song now and I haven't watched the videos yet! I gotta shoot something as horrifying as this!!!

Hanford said...

haha, I found those clips a few months ago. Outerscope 1 was a sincere freakshow but I didn't think the rest of that show was that bad. I loved the music and the animation style was great!

Thanks for posting these.

Joe said...

Whoa! major freakin flash back. Holy crap. Another forgotten memory returned. Wow!