Plop! The New Magazine of Weird Humor!

  • Plop, an onomatopoeic term for the sound of an object falling onto a surface or into water.
  • Plop, a slang word for feces, referring to the noise they make upon hitting the water.

"A comic book published by DC Comics in the mid 1970s. It falls into the horror / humor anthology genre. There were 24 issues in all and the series ran from Sep/Oct 1973 to Nov/Dec 1976.

Issues were hosted by three ghoulish characters with biblical names: Cain, Abel, and Eve. An issue would typically contain a story told by each of the characters, each bidding to outdo the others in fiendishness.

Basil Wolverton provided a distinctive cover for most of the issues, always a freak of some kind. Sergio Aragones, perhaps better known for his work in Mad Magazine, drew many of the more cartoonish tales and most of the surrounding banter between the three hosts." -Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite comic book series, ever. I am amazed that there is so little information about it, and that there are pretty much no fansites at all... really astonishing.

Anonymous said...

This was my fave magazine as a kid.I have kept all of them in plastic and to this day I pull them out now and then to remember the day when life was so much easier.I loved the PLOP! series and my father encouraged me in my enjoyment of reading them,he would even buy them for me if he saw the next one on the shelf at the corner store and knew I hadn't seen it yet.
I wish there was a fan sight for this amazingly funny and sometimes odd magazine.

disa said...